Blomberg in Harmony with your Life

In harmony with your life
With over 125 years of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is recognised as a German quality brand in home appliances. Through an outstanding collection of environment and user friendly products Blomberg aims to bring harmony to the life at home.

In harmony with nature
Preservation of natural resources is a priority for Blomberg, where we continually strive to redefine the energy and water efficiency levels of home appliances.

Blomberg products are produced in factories that are ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets aims to put in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Not only are our production facilities environment-conscious but also our products, which are all RoHS compliant and are manufactured with componenets that are 95% recyclable. RoHS stands for "the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances, limiting the levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.

In harmony with your home
Blomberg products are designed with the utmost care to detail. They are in harmony with your home through an appealing design that complements a variety of styles. All models are in harmony with each other by means of a common design language.

In harmony with you
Blomberg products are in harmony with you because they try to make your life more enjoyable. From easy-to-use controls to reliable safety mechanisms, from unique technological innovations to practical solutions, they will exceed all expectations.

You can depend on our quality. Our production sites meet the most demanding quality norms (ISO 9001 – TSE and ISO 14001 – SGS). Our washing machine production was awarded the TPM Excellence Award 2002 as the “Best Washing Machine Factory in the World”. 100% of all Blomberg household appliances undergo computer-controlled testing before delivery. Random sampling for extensive testing, raises the level of quality assurance further.

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All Blomberg products have a free 3 year warranty as standard.

The Blomberg Freestanding Range

In Harmony With Nature

  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • Energy and time saving programmes

In Harmony With Your Home

  • Unique and timeless design to create a statement in your kitchen
  • Functionality and simplicity
  • Elegance and style to complement any type of kitchen

In Harmony With You

  • Latest technology to meet your requirements
  • Unique and clever features for complete flexibility and control
  • Reliable and safe mechanisms

The Blomberg Built In Range

In Harmony With Nature

  • Great performance with minimum energy consumption
  • Energy and time saving programmes

In Harmony With Your Home

  •  Attractive design to create a statement in your kitchen
  •  Complimentary range with harmonious look
  • Magnetic colours to fit any kitchen style

In Harmony With You

  • Latest technology to meet your requirements
  • Practical solutions to make your life easier
  • Safe and hygiene care features for a complete piece of mind

Blomberg History

As a German quality brand...

...Blomberg can draw on over 125 years of experience. A priceless advantage, that helps us, in one of the most modern development centres in Europe, to develop truly innovative and user-friendly products.

  • 1883 Establishment as a metalworking company
  • 1935 Establishment of wholesale and retail sector
  • 1949 Production of washing machines (tub washing machines)
  • 1957 Founding of the Blomberg factory
  • 1968 Extension of the factory on 60,000 sq m. premises
  • 1978 Take over of Elektra Bregenz GmbH, Austria
  • 1981 Setting up of our own Blomberg brand distribution
  • 1981 Production of the first fully automatic washing machine
  • 1985 Launch of the first washing machine using less than 100 lt water
  • 2002 Take over by Arçelik S.A., Turkey
  • 2004 New launch of the Blomberg brand
  • 2009 Launch of the second generation of products under Arçelik
  • 2010 Re-entry to the UK market
  • 2012 Entry into the Irish market